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  Reaching the Lost   Empowering the Found   Building Life Together


Who is Sandbox Church?


We are a community of market place professionals, both married and single, with a desire to develop a deep and authentic faith, build rock-solid families and driven to impact the community around us. We are imperfect people, rescued by a perfect Savior,  growing into our God-given purpose together. We are committed to a life of love in our homes, our workplaces and our community. 

In business, a sandbox is a place where one can fully develop an idea or product before releasing it. A core function of Sandbox church is leading people into the fullness of Christ in a safe environment where one can learn, grow and make mistakes. It is also a place of collaboration, unity and fusion of gifting. Our church is passionate about developing and launching our people beyond the Sandbox.



We are located at:  1415 S Voss Rd, Houston, TX 77057. Second Floor. We are in the same center as the Pei Wei on Voss Rd between San Felipe St and Woodway Dr. 

Services are on Sundays and start promptly @ 9:30 AM. Come early and enjoy an amazing cup of coffee with us!


We are located inside of a shopping center and we want to be as accommodating to our neighbors as we can. There is parking available near and around the CVS pharmacy.  Feel free to also park around the Wells Fargo Bank.



"The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps" - Proverbs 16:9 (ESV)

Watch the Latest Sermon Here!

“Relax Bro” by Brent Phillips

Message Preview: We should absolutely work hard in all we do to serve God, but we also need to relax and have peace.  Most people are not at peace in their relationship with Him.  Like our earthly fathers discipline us to build us up into maturity, our Heavenly Father is doing the same when He convicts us and sharpens us to get us ready to do more for His Kingdom.  Many have the idea that honoring God has to be somber, but it should be joyful also!  God rewards those who diligently seek Him. We can relax in Him and the work of Jesus because His will for our lives is to live with peace in our hearts!