Brothers - With Jamian Lattin-Sim & Brent Phillips

What if there was a place to healthily discuss things about race, culture and diversity? Where the goal was unity and not division. What if we could ask questions without being labelled or judged? We already think the questions, so let's figure out the solutions together.

We will be tackling big and small topics that plague us even within the church.  Ask your questions below. We will answer and discuss them in future episodes. 

Episode 1: What is racism? Is there a double standard when it comes to minorities? What’s up with the N-word? How do we start building bridges and not more walls? And more… (click to view this episode)

Episode 2: In this episode we deal with the statement: "To be black and conscious in America is to be in a constant state of rage". Is this true? How do we deal well with people who treat us poorly? What is God asking of us? Let's keep the conversation going below (click to view thus episode)