Becoming a Member


Membership at Sandbox Church

In business, a sandbox is a place where one can fully develop an idea or product before releasing it. A core function of Sandbox church is leading people into the fullness of Christ in a safe environment where one can learn, grow and make mistakes. It is also a place of collaboration, unity and fusion of gifting. Our church is passionate about developing and launching our people beyond the Sandbox!

Statistically speaking, >70% of Americans call themselves “Christians.” Yet Christian polling firm, Barna Group, continually concludes that only 6-7% of Christians live and experience a deep, intimate, meaningful, fulfilling relationship with God. Even more so, over 80% of the people that start a new relationship with God leave church within 18 months. Why are these statistics so?

It seems that members of churches can hear sermon after sermon but remain, for the most part, unchanged. There seems to be a clear contrast between what Scripture promises and what we actually see in the church today. In the Western church, healings are few and far between, and the gifts of the Holy Spirit are mainly limited to preaching or an emotional outright free-for-all. At the end of the day, no matter the denomination, there seems to be one thing in common: Christians are not truly experiencing what the Bible promises.  

At Sandbox Church, we take membership very seriously. As elders and leaders of Sandbox, we make a massive commitment to develop and journey with every member. Before someone joins Sandbox, we make sure this is truly something that they want to be part of. We expect a greater commitment than maybe someone would find elsewhere only because we are also willing to give far more than someone is used to as well. We are committed to seeing our members be truly empowered and free, not just attend a church to learn. 

Step 1: Download the appAndroid or iOS and complete everything under More->Account settings. 

As a marketplace church, no one, including the elders, is paid and everyone works full-time jobs outside of the church. Because of this, we embrace technology and use it to our advantage to keep us connected during the week. 

Step 2: Please readWhy We Began

We are very purposeful about keeping to the vision from which we began. As a church we often go back and read our vision to make sure that we are holding true to it. 

Step 3: Please read: What We Believe

We are a community of marketplace professionals, both married and single, with a desire to develop a deep and authentic faith, build rock-solid families and driven to impact the community around us. We are imperfect people, rescued by a perfect Savior,  growing into our God-given purpose together. We are committed to a life of love in our homes, our workplaces and our community.

Before joining any church, we believe there should be unity in the core beliefs of all members.

Step 4: Please read: Life Groups and join one!

Our mission: Reaching the lost, empowering the found and building life together

Life Groups are an essential part of accomplishing our mission. They exist to teach and equip as well as create a culture of constant fellowship, vulnerability, accountability, and encouragement. The model for our life groups is derived from what the early biblical church looked like in Acts 2:42-47

Step 5: Please watch: "Pastoring Your Home"

We take marriage very seriously at Sandbox. Whether you are married or single, we believe that marriage forms the foundation of a healthy church and understand that everything we hope to be as a church, needs to first be modeled at home. 

Step 6: Please listen/read: Radical by David Platt (You can request access to this audio book in the Sandbox App). 

The reason we began was our dissatisfaction with "normal" church, knowing that God has a much bigger purpose for us as believers than to simply attend a church. As a church we are "radical" in a pursuit of God.

Step 7: Read and Commit: to the Family Covenant and meet with your lifegroup Elder to complete the process. 

Any meaningful relationships take a commitment on both sides. Often, people bail when they are offended or a relationship becomes challenging, not realizing that is the most important time to press in because that is where growth occurs. A commitment to a church is not different.