When I looked at beginning this church plant, I examined the greatest dangers we could face as a church and as pastors/elders. What has caused many churches to fail and many leaders to fall? The most common thread was always a lack of solid accountability for “upper” leadership. I asked Crossroads Church of Aspen to be that for this church, to be our oversight and to keep us accountable to the integrity of the Word, and to our mission for which we began. For the past 16 years I have had a front row seat with Crossroads Church of Aspen to see what a healthy eldership team looks like, along with consistent passion to follow God. I have watched them lead and protect their body as Scripture calls for. This is why we have planted under Crossroads.

As with our children, we do not want them to only achieve what we did in our lives, but we want our children to surpass us. This is no different with a church plant. Crossroads has provided a battle-tested foundation for our church, but our limits are only those that we impose on ourselves. We have the privilege of exploring, experimenting, failing, growing and being Sandbox, while still having the safety of Godly men’s arms around us.

The Christian life was never intended to be lived out independently. The very essence of being a follower of Jesus Christ is loving God and loving others while growing together into the family of God. The Church was never intended to operate in isolation from other churches around the world. There is one “C”hurch in the world with many “c”hurches all over the world. We believe that healthy church partnerships and strategic church planting are essential for building the church and faithfully carrying out God’s mission on earth. We are not anti-denominational, but we do see a more biblical model for church partnership represented in the New Testament that can be represented by four key commitments:

• Shared Relationship • Shared Vision • Shared Gifts • Shared Mission

We believe we can do more together and that we are better and more healthy as we work together to see healthy churches grow and multiple throughout the world.

So, what does this partnership look like? It basically is like a family that lives in three different cities. We gather as often as possible through conferences and retreats for equipping, strengthening, encouraging and for developing deeper relationship. We spend time praying and listening for the voice of God that we might share vision together. We send people back and forth to use their gifts to equip and bless the Body. And we are praying and expecting to go on mission together to serve and plant other healthy churches that we can partner with so that the family will grow to more cities and nations.

Other Partnerships:

Hope Church
First Baptist Grapevine
Northpoint City Church
Hour of Revival Gospel Church