Why Plant a Church?

Are you tired of what the American culture has to offer in a typical church today? Do you find yourself asking "Why do we do things like this in church?" or "Why doesn't my church seem like the church we see in the Bible?" or "Is this really what the body of Christ is supposed to be doing?"

Do you want to step into the true calling that God has for you? This was exactly how we felt before finding Sandbox Church back in 2017. We believe the Church is a body of believers who ALL actively seek to use their gifts given by the Holy Spirit to edify and encourage the other members of the body. When this body is operating effectively, it will be able to be an extension of Christ and reach the lost around it. We believe that everything from the New Testament church is not only possible, but necessary in our churches today.

Our goal is not to plant another church campus, but to multiply in house churches around the city, this being the first one. It sounds so strangely biblical, and that is our model - the Bible. We do not seek to be like any other church other than the church that Jesus purchased with his blood that we see meeting together in homes in the New Testament. Come join us!

Our Vision

We are a community of market place professionals, both married and single, with a desire to develop a deep and authentic faith, build rock-solid families and driven to impact the community around us. We are imperfect people, rescued by a perfect Savior,  growing into our God-given purpose together. We are committed to a life of love in our homes, our workplaces and our community. 

About Us


Weston and Cat have been married for 4.5 years, and had their first child, Boone, in June of 2018, and are expecting their second in October of 2019. Weston works as a Facilities Engineer, while Cat has the full time job of managing the home and their children. They enjoy traveling to experience different cultures and tasting the favorite foods of those cultures.

While living in Malaysia in 2016, God gave them a picture of what a true church should look like for His glory. Upon moving back to the US in 2017, they found Sandbox Church where they instantly knew the Lord had called them. They have spent the past two years under the leadership of Brent and Daniela Phillips, and are ready and excited to help lead a house church.

Ben and Taylor have been married for 4 years, and had their first child, Hazel, in October of 2017, and are expecting their second in February of 2020 . Ben works as a Facilities Engineer while Taylor works as a Project Engineer. They enjoy time relaxing with family, good food, and exploring new things.

While they both started following the Lord fully early in their relationship, God continued to show them more of what life in Christ looks like to the point where they started asking themselves if the current church model they saw in the US was really how the Bible described the church. Through a chain of events that led them to Sandbox Church, they found themselves among other believers as hungry for God as they were. In the past two years, they have experienced radical growth in the Lord and are excited to lead others into that place and beyond.